Z-Wave Plus NEO Coolcam

About the product

- Door Sensor guard your door and window.

- Combination of materials and structures,with skillful manufacture.

- When you are busy, it will care your family, keep them safe.

- Works with all major 916Mhz Z-Wave controllers.

- Enjoy life at Smart Home.

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The NEO Coolcam Door/Window Sensor provides information whether a door or window is opened or closed.

● Compatible with 300 series and 500 series .

● Powered by 1 x button battery ( installed ) .

● Battery life: 2 years .

● Frequency: 868.4MHz .

● Search Z-Wave from APP store to download the APP. Practical.In combination with additional devices of Z-Wave like a siren or motion sensors you can create your own alarm system which promises more safety.

The NEO Coolcam door / window opening sensor runs on a battery. Supports Z-Wave standard and is compatible with all popular controllers Fibaro, Smarthings, Vera, Zipato.

The NEO Coolcam sensor can be used as an alarm sensor for unauthorized intrusion. Discover new features and create your ideal smart home. The sensor consists of a magnetic element and the main unit, which allows it to be easily mounted on a doorway or window frame.


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