Xlive Video Doorbell

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• Instantly find out who's at your door when your doorbell is pressed. No blank screens or endless loading like all other brands.

• Military grade radio design and robust Wi-Fi signal to ensure fast loading and smooth video calls with no need for a Wi-Fi extender.

• Superior audio quality with advanced algorithms for echo cancellation and noise suppression. No breaks, no delays, and no crackling noise during video chats, unlike big brand products.

• Weatherproof and built-to-last; operates at -70°F to +150°F; the only video doorbell that work normally in extreme climates.

• All family members can set up their own accounts to answer the door. Motion-activated 1080p HD video recording that loads videos to your cloud account immediately.


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Ensure smooth voice

Upgrade to the latest release of the doorbell's firmware with a single tap inside the app. Xlive's cutting edge video call technology and military grade signal design ensure smooth voice and visual communication.

Simple to install and easy to use

Xlive Wi-Fi video doorbell lets you answer the door with ease, receive notifications, live-chat with visitors instantly, and watch over your front yard anytime, anywhere. Xlive is built with the latest IoT and video call technologies by a team of talented former Motorola engineers in Chicago. High standards in hardware and software design are integrated into this smart video doorbell, the patented hardware design ensures it will work reliably for decades. 

Every family member can have their own account and answer the door

Following the in-app instructions to register an account in the cloud server and connect the doorbell to your internet router via Wi-Fi. A visitor approaches your front door or rings Xlive, and you receive a motion alert on your smartphone instantly. Tap the alert to see who is there, speak to him/her or ignore. Built-in algorithms guarantee echo and noise cancellation.

When you did not read the alert on your phone while it came, then view the recorded clip from the app for any event at your door

Xlive doorbell routes a vivid outdoor view to your smartphone upon receiving a push notification. Chat with visitors in real-time through Wi-Fi or a cellular network. For other brands on the market, it takes your device 7 to 10 seconds longer to bring up the camera when someone rings the doorbell.

High-end video doorbell

Crystal clear audio quality. 1080p video camera with 180° viewing angle and night vision. Video on demand: Live-view your front door anytime. One-way video, two-way talk, and built-in microphone and speaker.

Update to the latest firmware and app with an easy tap

ll family members with iOS/Android devices can answer the doorbell, even simultaneously. Powered by an existing doorbell's wire, power supply for Xlive to work:12-24VAC,16VA(or Watt) min. Connect the wire of your existing doorbell to the Xlive doorbell Download the app to your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet.


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