WowGo 2S

About the product

- It’s waterproof and it brakes and accelerates smoother.

- Maybe the most stable mainboard for electric skateboard.

- Push-able get an extra 10% range with same battery.

- The battery and ESC enclosures are all metal material.

- Max load 330 pounds (150 kg), recommending riding weight 120 kg.

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Braking experience is now perfect

The braking power will gradually accumulate as the rider pulls the throttle wheel. You can feel the smoothness when slowing down, and the total distance needed for the rider to get to a complete stop is much shorter.

WowGo 2s electric boardhas 

The WowGo 2s electric boardhas an SIGNIFICANTLY improved battery (DOUBLE discharge rate than Samsung 22P cells) which allows you to maintain high speeds, even as your battery is running low. The WowGo 2s has a better ESC,it’s waterproof and it brakes and accelerates smoother. The WowGo 2s electric board is built from premium quality bamboo which offers a flex for a smooth ride, and load up to 280lbs.

Better feeling when you control the acceleration and brake

Wireless LCD screen remote control with speed indicator, Remote show riding modes are clear, allowing a rider to press the power button to wake up remote and see the current riding mode from LED battery indicator light Battery display.

Manufacturer warranty

Each WowGo skateboard with a 3 month manufacturer warranty against mechanical defects. If you receive a defective item, any technical support or customer service support needed. please be sure to contact us by email. UPGRADE BUSHING-Soft bushing, Better shockproof effect.

Top Speed
23.5mph (38kmh)
12mil (18.5km)
16.7lbs (7.6kg)
Charge Time
3 Hours
Regenerative Braking


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