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About the product

- Medically accurate blood pressure & heart rate.

- Immediate results color-coded feedback on device & in app.

- Automatic smartphone sync via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.

- Data history is securely stored and readlily available over time.

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Easy to use. Easy to read

With only one button to press, results right on the screen, and automatic Wi-Fi sync, BPM Connect is the simplest way to accurately measure your blood pressure and monitor it over time. Plus, the flexible cuff makes packing and traveling a breeze.

Blood pressure management with home monitoring

BPM Connect provides medically accurate measurement of your systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as your heart rate. By taking your blood pressure at home with BPM Connect, you may also be able to avoid white-coat syndrome, detect masked hypertension, and manage nocturnal hypertension.

Instantly understand your results

After the measurement, your results appear instantly on the screen via easy-to-read color-coded feedback, which is based on recommendations from the European Society of Hypertension. These colors also appear in the app so you can see your full data history.

Your data journal is yours to use and share

A few taps on your smartphone is all it takes to share measurements with your doctor. This feature is only available with the iOS version of the Health Mate App. BPM Connect syncs via Wi-Fi & Bluetooth with the free Health Mate app, available for iOS or Android. With Wi-Fi synchronization, there's no need to have your smartphone next to you during or after the measurement, as data is automatically synchronized via your home Wi-Fi network. 

What is in Box

BPM Connect, Micro-USB cable, Regulatory leaflet, Installation guide FR/EN/DE/ES/IT.

Item Weight

0.16 ounces (4.5 g)
PC plastic, Fabric
LED matrix screen
Power supply
Charge via micro-USB cable
Battery life
Up to 6 months
iOS 10+, Android 6.0+
Wireless Sync
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
1 Lithium ion 


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