Wireless Bluetooth E27 LED Light Bulb Speaker

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• Led Light Bulb 4 0 E27 Lamp Stereo Audio - e27 170leds e27 170leds 162leds etonteck visworth ledlamp cornlight 55led 156led. • Led Bulb 4 3w Lamp Wireless Stereo Audio Phone - ampules e27 ampules e27 stehlampe visworth 2e14 1080lm lampbase lampadaled eusolis. • Bulb With Integrated Bluetooth 3w E27 Lamp Wireless Remote - e27 e26es e27 e26es 170led bureaulamp 216led portalamparas bombillo 102leds lqsci. • With Integrated 4 0 3w Wireless Audio Phone Remote - epula e27 epula e27 soquete led.12w. corn bulb aluminium rxr.

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The E27 LED is an amazing device that plays music and changes color on demand all built into a light bulb

It is very much a niche product which no doubt will have a use in many unique situations. The box comes with the bulb and instructions.There is not much to the setup with basically paring it to a smartphone which plays music, and a app to control the light color. To play music simple got to settings and pair your Bluetooth device such as a smartphone to the Bulb.

Music will than be played from it from any popular sites such as YouTube or Pandora

The volume is controlled from your phone. To change the light color an app is used called iLight which is available in Google Play Store or App Store.The bottom of the bulb has a QR Code that can also be scanned and will download the App to your phone.

High Quality bluetooth speaker, amazing music sound brought your joyful taste!

Mini size, easy to use, you can put it many where or hang it without using much area. Small and exquisite in appearance and easy installation. Unique digital timer mode help you turn off the bulb at night. And wake you up with your favorite color and love song.


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