Window Alarm 4 Packs

About the product

- Built-in sensor detects vibration and emits a 120 dB alarm.

- Unique high/low sensor sensitivity setting, to helps prevent false alarms.

- Red warning LED light blinks every 4 seconds.

- Warning sticker, stick on windows to scare away burglars.

- Perfect for any window in your home, garage, office, RV.

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Windows are a Prime Entry Point for Robbers, because it is way too easy to force entry through a window in comparison to picking a lock

EVA LOGIK Security Window Alarm perfect for any window (including sliding windows) in your home, garage, office, RV, dorm room.  Easy to install, simply peel and stick the alarm to any window, its sensor detects vibration and emits a 120 dB alarm to alert you of a potential break-in and scare away burglars.

Our Window Alarm Features:

When triggered it can produce a very loud 120db alarm and will sound continuously 60 seconds.

Unique high/low sensor sensitivity setting helps prevent false triggering on windy days.

No wiring needed, easy to install.

Double alarm: Red warning LED light blinks every 4 seconds, and warning sticker, scare away burglars.

Low battery LED indicator, if you see the indicate red LED always on, then need replace new batteries.

Need to use AAA battery, which have more power than button batteries, so you don't need to change batteries frequently.


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