Wind Gauge for Netatmo Weather Station

About the product

- Measure wind with a Revolutionary Ultrasonic technology.

- Ultrasound - no inertia. Unlike the Mechanical wind gauges.

- Ultrasound - the best accuracy for wind direction.

- Receive alerts on your smartphone and track historical graphs on the app.

- The Netatmo wind gauge only works with the Netatmo weather station.

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Extend your Netatmo Weather Station

You can now measure wind speed and wind direction with the Netatmo Wind Gauge. The first ultrasound wind gauge of its type: the 4 ultrasonic transducers provide ultra accurate measurements and will save your from doing any maintenance after installation. Place the Wind Gauge outside - it communicates directly with your Weather Station.

The first ultrasound wind gauge for your smartphone

Accurately measure wind's speed and direction with this revolutionary solution. NETATMO wind gauge has no moving parts and uses the latest in ultrasound technology. It is maintenance-free and produces extremely accurate measurements, especially reliable in case of gusts.

You can configure how you want to be alerted if the wind reaches a certain speed. The NETATMO wind gauge only works with the NETATMO weather station, sold separately. Only one wind gauge can be connected to a NETATMO weather station.

Why the Wind Gauge - outdoor activities

You enjoy flying drones with your kid? The Wind Gauge gives you wind strength and direction measurements so you know exactly when it’s the best time to go out. You will never miss a good moment with your family. Why the Wind Gauge – gardening. You enjoy gardening? Combine the Netatmo Rain Gauge with the Netatmo Wind Gauge to know how dry the air is and decide precisely when you need to water your plants.

The full weather station range to monitor your indoor and outdoor environment

The Netatmo Wind Gauge only works with the Netatmo Weather Station, sold separately. Get essential information for your comfort with the Netatmo Weather Station and accessories. You can also use the Netatmo Rain Gauge to measure the amount of precipitation at your home, and the Additional Module for Netatmo Weather Station to monitor the indoor environment in each room.

The Wind Gauge gives you complete wind measurements so you can know if a good wave is coming

You can even set up an IFTTT rule to receive an alert when it is time to go surfing. Why the Wind Gauge - taking a walk outside. You love to take walks outside? Thanks to the Wind Gauge, you will get more precise measurements from the Weather Station on the 'feel-like' temperature.


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