Wifi Ear Spoon Otoscope

About the product

- The product is called HD WIFI visual earpick.

- Based on its build-in function of WIFI, the user can watch image on iPhone.

- Easy-to-operate features, it is widely applied in ear canal cleaning.

- Fine observation of skin hair, mouth and nose and other places.

- Thus it is the necessary household personal care device.

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Wi-Fi Wireless Endoscope

Two in one multifunctional USB interface. Can be used on iOS Android phones, tablets and windows PC. Convenient Wi-Fi wireless connection. Waterproof lens: clean after use. 5.5 mm Ultra small lens with 100 thousand HD pixels.


Is used to check your ear, ear canal, drum, mouth, gums, throat, scalp hair root and other parts of the body. High Resolution Camera - with an HD camera that provides a close range of HD video and photo images and photo / video files will be directly stored on your Android or iOS mobile phone. You can also use this ear endoscope to check when your nose or teeth feel uncomfortable, but you cannot get the right angle. 

Suitable for skin and hair

An adapter for connecting with a Wi-Fi box, the operation is simple, after the mobile phone is connected to a wireless transmitter, the picture can be taken in the application, the video is recorded, and the picture is adjusted by rotation. You can view the details on your phone. Currently on the market, most ear endoscopes cannot work with iOS without wifi.

Anti-scaled and waterproof

This Ear Camera never gets too hot after prolonged use, because the camera chip is away from the scope head. You will not feel that the ear endoscope becomes hot during use, even within 2 hours. With 6 pcs LED lamp brightness, 3 files adjustable brightness. IP67 waterproof level, you can clean the ear stick ears spoon after use, keep sanitary!

What’s in the Box

1 Set x HD WIFI Visual Earpick Kit.

Camera diameter
OD 3.9mm / OD 4.3mm / OD 5.5mm
Camera Pixel
0.3MP /1.0MP/1.3MP/2.0MP
Effective focal length
1.5 cm
OS supported
Android/ ios
Battery capacity
Input current
Charging time
About 4 hours
Endurance time
About 4 hours
Transmission distance
About 7m


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