Wemo Light Switch

About the product

- Works with Amazon alexa and Google assistant.

- WeMo light switch seamlessly replaces your old wall light switch.

- Control you lights from WeMo light switch on the wall.

- WeMo app, and even your voice with both Amazon alexa, Google assistant.

- Randomize lights to protect your home.

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Wemo WiFi Light Switch

The Wemo WiFi Light Switch uses your existing home WiFi network to provide wireless control of your lights from anywhere in the world. No subscription or hub is required: simply install the light switch and start controlling your lights from your phone or tablet.

Using the free Wemo app, you can switch your lights on and off and set worry-free schedules no matter where you are. The Wemo Light Switch also functions like a normal switch: simply press the switch to toggle your lights on or off.


Featuring a quick and easy setup, Wemo uses your existing home WiFi to enable remote wireless control from anywhere. And since Wemo requires no subscription or hub, you can easily set it up straight out of the box.

Control from Anywhere

Wemo Light Switch lets you wirelessly control plugged-in devices from anywhere. Simply use the free Wemo App to control your lights from the couch, the coffee shop, or the Caribbean.

Set Schedules and Timers

With Wemo Light Switch, you can set worry-free schedules for your lights. Using the free Wemo app, you can schedule a light to turn on at sunset, or keep your house comfortable by scheduling the ceiling fan to turn on before you arrive.

Protect your Home

Using Wemo Light Switch’s 'Away Mode,' you can create the illusion that you’re home even when you’re away. 'Away Mode' turns lights on and off in a random pattern.

Group and Control

Wemo gives you another level of wireless control over your Wemo devices with its long-press feature. You can group multiple Wemo devices together and configure them to respond to a 2-second button press---allowing you to control multiple Wemos with a single press.

Works with Apple HomeKit

Wemo is compatible with Apple HomeKit. Simply connect Wemo Bridge (sold separately) to your router, add it to the Apple Home app, and control your Wemo lights using the Apple Home app and Siri on an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or HomePod.

Hands-Free Voice Control

When paired with Alexa or the Google Assistant, Wemo Light Switch gives you hands-free voice control over your home. Turn your lights, ceiling fans, or an entire room on or off using just your voice.

Compatible with Nest

Wemo Light Switch pairs with Nest to offer a range of automatic control options. Nest detects when you're home or away and syncs with Wemo Light Switch. Use Nest compatibility to turn a ceiling fan off when the house is empty, or have your lights switch on when you come back home.

More Features with IFTTT

'If This, Then That' is a free web-based service that lets you do amazing things with your Wemo. Turn lights and ceiling fans on before you get home or off when you leave. With IFTTT, Wemo Light Switch can even flash the lights when your favorite team scores a goal.

Software requirements :

Android 4.4 or higher , iOS 9 or higher and neutral wire required which replaces single pole switch and the product is not compatible with 3-way (multi-location control) switches and always works with your existing single/double/multi-switch rocker-style plates and also the product is not designed to work with metal face plates.


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