Universal waterproof case

About the product

- Before using it put some paper towel inside the bag then soak it into the water.

- Safe and dual swivel lock design guarantees fully sealability and waterproof.

- Lightweight and easy to use.

- Suitable not only to protect the phone, but also for documents, money, keys.

- Waterproof case to a depth of 5 m.

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Has sealed clasp

The universal waterproof case UFTWP1 will reliably protect your phone from water. The waterproof case fits most of the smartphone models and will help to keep not only the phone dry, but you can put money, documents, keys and other small items inside. The waterproof phone case has sealed clasp, a convenient strap allows you to hang the case around your neck or arm.

How to use

Put the phone in the case. Connect the fastener plates, while aligning the grooves of the locks on one half with the holes on the other. Press the plates against each other, and then close the locks by turning the levers on the locks to the center. 

Recommended before use

Check how tightly the plates are closed. To remove the phone, turn the locks in the direction from the center to the edges and separate the plates. Before use, we recommend that you put a dry paper towel in the case, close the lock tightly and dip it in water for a while.

White, blue
165 x 90 mm
Up to 5 m depth
Practical, lightweight and easy to use
Suitable not only for protecting the phone, but also for documents, money, keys


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