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- Accelerates at no more than 10 km / h, is safety considerations.

- Cruising range is up to 12 km, it takes about three hours to recharge.

- The scooter is capable of carrying up to 120 kg.

- It can also push up a trolley or, say, a wheelchair.

- When not in use, the WalkCar can be carried in a laptop-like bag.

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The size of a tablet

WalkCar has already managed to baptize the mini-segveem the size of a tablet, although in fact the device in size and weight more closely matches a laptop. However, if the promised characteristics of the vehicle will be true. it does not diminish its merits.

Easily carry it in your hands or a backpack

The WalkCar case is made of aluminum and can withstand weight up to 120 kg. Li-Ion batteries are enough to overcome 12 km from a single charge, and depending on the version (for the street or for rooms) the weight of the WalkCar will be only 2-3 kg, and you can easily carry it in your hands or a backpack. Full battery charge time is 3 hours.

Maximum speed

The maximum speed of the WalkCar is 10 km, and it needs to be controlled in much the same way as a segway. The transport starts moving as soon as someone gets on it, and stops instantly if you leave it.


For turns it is necessary to slightly move the body weight to the side. All the basic answers to how safe and difficult / simple it is, you can get by watching the video, with real-life examples.

Avoid collisions with pedestrians

To start moving forward or brake, you need to move the weight on the toes or heels, respectively. If you jump from the scooter, it will almost instantly stop - this will help avoid collisions with pedestrians and other road users.

Item Weight

2.8 kg
Aluminum / Alloy
Max. weight
120 kg
Maximum speed
16 km/h

Charging time

60 min
Laptop size 
13 inch (33 cm)
251-350 W
Mileage without recharging
10-30 km
LG Cell 36V/2.9Ah
Maximum speed
<30 km / h


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