About the product

- Deeper immersion, powerful haptics, zero sim sickness. 

- Immersion into virtual environments is crucial to the enjoyment of VR. 

- The VRGO Mini will offer the most immersive locomotion system. 

- With Sim Sickness, haptic feedback, it is the next step in virtual immersion.

- The easy to use 'tilt-to-move'  with just the tilt of your body.

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Сontrol of movement through virtual reality

It’s a device that sits on top of a chair that allows control of movement through virtual reality. Turning, and movement in game is controlled by the Mini, creating an immersive and enjoyable VR experience. Compatible with most VR headsets, and many VR games, the Mini is the most versatile Locomotion device on the market.  

VRGO Mini is suited to anything sit down on

The VRGO Mini is suited to almost anything you can sit down on. If it has a flat surface, the Mini will work. It also comes with a free felt disk that sits under the device to protect your chair fabric. It has been designed from the ground up with strength and comfort being key attributes to the overall product. With a touch of a button the Mini connects to your content as a gamepad controller. There are also keyboard and mouse modes to choose from.  

Move technology

The VRGO Mini uses the same tilt to move technology as the original VRGO chair. We have managed to fit in all of these new features into a smaller product, with an even smaller price tag! The time has never been better to upgrade your VR immersion. When we created the Mini, we identified six issues we wanted to address in VR locomotion, to create the most immersive and enjoyable experience possible for our customers.

The VRGO Mini is simple to set up

Standalone devices are connected directly to the HMD via Bluetooth, whilst PCVR headsets are connected via Steam VR. The VRGO Mini serves as the left thumb stick of a gamepad. It measures the tilting of the user and wirelessly sends this data to the VR device. It connects over Bluetooth so has very low latency. 

High grade materials 

During the manufacturing process have selected high grade materials & integrated the electronic components. The VRGO Mini is fitted with a comfortable foam seat covered in a highly durable material with a range of finishes and textures. The Mini is upholstered either in a high quality scratch resistant PU leather, or a heavy jacquard fabric. From the Quest, to the Vive, the VRGO Mini is compatible with most VR headsets on the market. 

Ideal seated position for VR

The VRGO Mini creates the ideal seated position for VR as the rocking ball encourages the user to sit up straight. The VRGO Mini provides a gentle workout of the core muscles. With enough use you might even develop a six pack! The VRGO Mini has many potential uses for virtual reality applications. Motion sickness when moving within VR is one of the biggest hurdles to mass consumer adoption. 

What is in Box

VRGO Mini, integrated haptics, charger, cable, instructions for use.

Bluetooth 2.1
Battery Life
8 hours
Max load
Up to 150kg 
Signal Range
10 m
ColorBlack, White
1 Lithium Polymer batteries required


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