Powerpro CPAP Battery Backup

About the product

- Easily powered from AC wall outlet and reaching full charge in about 7 hours.

- Powerpro provides power for your CPAP when off-grid.

- LCD display to display charge and discharge status, and how much power left.

- Your device's power consumption exceeds 300W, the Powerpro will shut off.

- Powerpro can work longer after a full charge.

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Jackery Powerpro 500Wh Portable Solar Battery Generator + 100W Solar Panel for Family Camping

Color: Black+Orange

Jackery Powerpro: Power Life Forward!

To explore outdoor life with Jackery Powerpro Portable Solar-Powered Outdoor Generator, it is a great camping parter who can explorer the outdoor activities together with you...

What's Jackery Powerpro?

One of the smallest and lightest 500Wh rechargable portable solar & battery-powered generator, power supply / station, quiet power for base camps, cabins, emergency backup and unexpected outages...

Huge Capacity Portable Solar Power Generator

500Wh huge capacity portable solar generator powers up your smartphones, laptop, appliance and more.

Solar panel generator: Designed with Li-ion battery cells for more recharge cycles and longer life.

Solar&Battery-Powered, No Gasoline Required. Two Fast Charging Ways

Powered from AC wall outlet and reaching full charge in about 6 hours.

With the 100W solar panel, the Jackery Powerpro can be fully re-charged in about 7 hours or less in full / direct sun (100W Solar Panel Included).

Powerful LED Flashlight

Bulit-in flashligh light a wonderful life for you when in outdoor camping, very convenient and powerful. A POWERFUL outdoor partner which can offer you unlimited power for your outdoor activities!

Portable Solar Panel

Jackery 100W Solar Panel with a very convenient hand handle, which you can take it wherever you want to go.

Detailed LCD Power Display

LCD battery screen to display the battery consumption, charge and discharge status.

showed how much power in watts was coming in and how much load is on the battery.

Safety Ensured

Jackery Explorer with Battery Management System (BMS). Take it out to camp with your DJI Drone Phantom together, you will have lots of fun.


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