Vitastiq Family

About the product

- Vitastiq tracks the general trend of 26 vitamins and minerals.

- Analyzes your readings and shows your average nutrient trend.

- Vitastiq pen alone is meant for independent use.

- Includes detailed instructions for quick and easy use.

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A handy application

The device should be used with the help of a special Vitastiq app that is installed on your smartphone. The free application will help you to create several individual accounts for each of your family members. In addition to the extra templates, you can create your own customized templates for vitamins and minerals. The Vitastiq app is fairly easy to use and provides detailed instructions for each step.

Smart pencil

The Vitastiq Family Vitaminometer has the shape of a pencil with an additional probe that allows you to monitor not only your health but also the care of the whole family. To use it, Vitastiq pencil should be applied to different parts of the human body. The test result will be displayed on the smartphone screen. The vitaminometer will identify the sore spot and tell you which of the vitamins and trace elements you should add to your diet to make you feel better.

Save time and money

Vitastiq Family provides real quick and professional home diagnostics. Using a vitamin meter is much cheaper and easier than traditional methods of measuring the level of vitamins and minerals in the human body. Plus, working with Vitastiq Family can save you a lot of time and money. Vitastiq is a caring and responsive doctor for your entire family.

Clinical studies

The 5-month study included 45 volunteers, 3 visits to measurement facilities and a total of 393 Vitastiq readings. Among the objectives of this study, the indications for 12 vitamins and minerals obtained using Vitastiq were compared with blood test results obtained by conventional analytical methods. A blood test was chosen for comparison as one of the most common ways to evaluate vitamin and mineral concentrations.

Accuracy greater than 70%

Vitastiq Vitaminq accuracy is well in excess of the 70% target, a new clinical study shows. The purpose of the study was to determine the accuracy of the testimony. Vitastiq is a unique concept that combines the EAV methodology and smart technology. It has been used for decades by EAV specialists, nutritionists and other professionals.

What is in the Box

Vitaminometer, documentation, USB connecting and charging cable,  carry case, user manual.

Item Weight

45 grams

Product Dimensions 

148 x 18 mm 
v4.0 and above
Titanium Body
Rechargeable 800 mAh Li-ion Battery
iOS and Android
Accuracy and measurement range
More than 70%, according to clinical studies


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