Varjo VR-1 Headset

About the product

- VR-1 is the world’s only human-eye resolution headset. 

- Designed for use in complex and demanding industries.

- Comes with the world’s most advanced integrated eye tracking technology.

- Is compatible with the most popular 3D software tools. 

- VR-1 can also be used by people with glasses.

Best video reviews

When it comes to vision, you either have it or you don’t

The resolution of other VR devices on the market is just a fraction of what the average human eye can see. With resolution that poor, it’s been impossible for professionals to work with VR in fields where extreme precision and visual fidelity are required. 

Bionic Display, CADs

With Bionic Display, CADs, renders and simulations come to life in VR with never-before-seen clarity. Every detail, texture, contour and color are all just as crisp and clear as they are in the real world. You can read the smallest text and see objects at a distance. Varjo’s Bionic Display delivers an unprecedented resolution of 60 pixels per degree -  the equivalent of 20/20 vision.

Illumination appears just as it does in the real world

And real-time illumination appears just as it does in the real world. Whether you’re working on a complex training simulation, an architectural model, 3D design, or more, everything appears just as it should: perfectly clear. 

Track and analyze in human-eye resolution with 20/20 Eye Tracker

Varjo’s 20/20 Eye Tracker is the most advanced and powerful stereo eye tracking technology ever integrated into a VR headset, delivering unmatched accuracy and precision. Varjo’s 20/20 Tracker™ gives professionals access to eye data for use in research, analytics, training and simulation, industrial design, and more.

Varjo VR-1 and the world’s best 3D software tools: Better together

VR-1 joins forces with the world’s most powerful professional tools and 3D engines to transform work in complex and design-driven industries like training and simulation, architecture, engineering and construction, and industrial design. Whatever engine you use, VR-1 lets you design and train in a completely realistic VR environment, bringing every detail of your CADs, renders and simulations to life with never-before-seen clarity.

The world’s most advanced technology has to be the world’s easiest to use

Whether you’re importing an existing project or developing new content, using your VR-1 is simple every step of the way. Follow the instructions in the VR-1 sales box to set up your device and install the necessary software. You can use the controllers you’re already using, which means the world’s most advanced VR technology is literally at your fingertips.

What’s in the box 

Varjo VR–1 headset, Link Box (LB-1), Connector cables, Lens cleaning cloth, 1 x standard face mask, 1 x large face mask, 3 power cables.

Item Weight

605 g (+ headband)


Infinite contrast ratio (over 10000:1) enabling the deepest blacks and individually calibrated colors
Thin and light optical fiber cables of 10-meter length with USB-C. Link box for easy connection with PC
Field of view
87 degrees
NVIDIA GeForce RTX  2080, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000
32 GB
Video output
2 x DisplayPort 1.2
Operating temtem
Windows 10 (64-bit)
USB port
1 x USB-A 3.0
Two 1920x1080 low persistence micro-OLEDs and two 1440x1600 low persistence AMOLEDs
Intel Core i7-8700AMD Ryzen 7 2700


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