Valve Index Controllers

About the product

- More compact and convenient to use.

- An incredible level of realism in VR games.

- Suitable for users even with big hands.

- Controllers work 6-7 hours on a single charge.

- Firmware that eliminates problems with pairing controllers.

Best video reviews

Your hands in VR

Designed from the ground up for natural interactions, precise hand tracking and lasting comfort. Interact with the environment, objects and people just like in the real world. The Valve Index's controllers combine complex sensor inputs to give your hands a multitude of VR interactions, gestures and gestures.

Natural direct input

With the controllers of the Valve Index you can access objects directly with your hands instead of abstract commands, such as triggers. You can make the peace sign with your fingers or open your hand and drop objects - just like in real life.

Sensors diversity

Each controller uses 87 sensors to track hand position, finger positions, motion and grip to identify the user's intent. This diversity of signals provides the basis for our finely tuned algorithms to determine how a player holds and uses the controllers.

Scissors stone paper

Capturing low-latency finger movements provides an immersive experience and allows a wide range of gestures and expressions. Because every hand is different, the controller continually recalibrates to accommodate your hand size and the changing capacity of your skin.

Interactions with open hands

The hand loop allows you to fully open your hand to drop or throw objects. The loop can be easily adapted to different hand sizes in three places and ensures safety when carrying the controller. So you can concentrate on the game.

Steam title

All VR games will work well with the controllers of the Valve Index in standard button layout. Worked closely with the VR community during development, and many developers have already included updates that will help the controllers post release.


What is in the box

2 controllers: left and right, 2 straps, 2 USB cables for charging, a cloth for cleaning.


1100mAh lithium-ion battery
Battery life
7+ hours
SteamVR 2.0 compatible with base stations for SteamVR 1.0 and 2.0
Adjustable wrist wrist strap, antimicrobial fabric


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