US :3D Face Recognisation Smart Lock

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US;E smart lock has advanced technology and high technology content.

When you are not at home, you can remotely unlock and monitoring your front door via the mobile phone APP, remote video call with your visitor is also.

Our 3D face recognition technology adopts three-dimensional dynamic recognition, completely eliminating the possibility of plane photo,face sculpture, 3D printing, imitating and unlocking of face grinding tools.

Opening a New Intelligent Door Lock Security Revolution comes with 1080P.


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With the built-in Infrared 3D recognition technology and an innovative 4-level A.I. recognition,  US:E recognizes you DAY or NIGHT. US:E can store up to 100 faces. Photos & videos cannot bypass the system.

With US:E Facial Recognition Smart Lock and the advanced biometric facial recognition technology, you can unlock your door with just a glance.  All it takes is a look. One of the biggest innovation is the remote control option.

Simply tap on your phone, you can open the door remotely with US:E for your family and friends.The US:E APP helps you monitor what’s going on, who’s visiting, and what to do when you are not at home.

Everything is under control, even when you are not around.You and your family members may save up to 100 fingerprint IDs in the system. The live fingerprint identification module integrates military technology, ensuring security for you and yours.


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