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- With its face, REMI tells young children when it's time to get up or go to bed.

- Helps your kid fall asleep by telling them stories written by our partners.

- REMI allows you to customize your kids' alarm clocks and timers.

- Keeps track of your kid's sleep profile and gives you tips on how to improve it.

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For babies from birth:

It's an audio Wi-Fi baby monitor that works everywhere, wherever you are, with a secure internet audio connection. You can talk to your baby remotely to reassure him with the walkie-talkie mode. It is also a monitoring tool for parents: thanks to its sensors for sound, temperature and brightness, REMI allows you to follow the history of your baby's nights and thus to better understand and identify the most favorable conditions for your baby's sleep.

To reassure baby, REMI is also a night light and can play lullabies

For children who are growing up but are not yet able to read time, REMI becomes a sleep trainer that helps them set up regular bedtime and wake up routines with their parents: in a few clicks on the app, you set up your bedtime schedules very precisely based on your child's weekly rhythm, and your child will know if he or she can get up or stay in bed in the weekend mornings, or go to bed thanks to the awake or sleeping REMI's face. 

For older children, REMI becomes a morning alarm clock, and a Bluetooth music speaker:

REMI can play music streamed from a smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth, and you can also save your child's favorite songs to REMI's memory so that he or she can listen to them without having to use a smartphone or tablet.

REMI is a real sleeping companion for all children from 0 to 10 years old

REMI brings together in one object all the tools parents need to take a good care of their children's sleep.

Powering off the wifi during the night:

you can adjust the periods you want to power off the WIFI from REMI. Children just watch the ok to wakeup face. Same sleep training function as Hatch Baby, Mella LIttlehippo, Claessens Kids, Kid sleep, Zazu, Tot clock, Gro clock, Stoplight sleep, Zazu, Mirari, but really 100% fine tunable and customizable through the application.


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