Urban E-Skateboard V2

About the product

- Carve up the streets in tech-savvy style with the Urban E-Skateboard V2.

- Makes getting around town easy, with a 7-mile range on a single charge.

- You can fly at up to 15mph and, just pick it up and bring it inside.

- Bring it w/ you anywhere thanks to the ultra-portable size.

Built to take you up to 7-10 miles on a charge with a charging time of hour.

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Never Before Seen Design and Portability

Urban has focused on delivering a game changing electric skateboard by creating an ultra light and compact mode of transportation. At only 7 pounds and 17 inches this board easily fits in a back pack or duffle bag making it easy for storage and transport. The 52.8 WH lithium battery is FAA approved allowing riders to now travel onboard any aircraft with their board as a carry on.


Quick Connect Control Tech

Urban’s Quick Connect true wireless remote makes it easy and fast for riders to pair with their board effortlessly and begin their journey. Urban’s remote includes 3 speed modes accommodating every rider whether you are just beginning or have been riding for a lifetime. The ergonomic lightweight design makes it seem none existent in the riders hand while giving the rider full control of his or her board.


Range and Speed

Cruise down the streets or even terminals at speeds of up to 15 MPH with an in hub 250W motor. Always arrive on time to your next meeting or event no matter the distance. Urban’s high tech battery construction is built to take you up to 7-10 miles on a single charge with a charging time of only 1 hour.


Quality Components

Our Canadian maple deck has superior strength in comparison to other boards easily suiting riders up to 250LBS. Our shock absorbing PU wheels will get you to high speeds no matter the terrain. We use bearings that keep the wheels rolling endlessly.

7 lb
up to 15 mph
up to 7 miles
250 W
Weight limit
330 lb
Water resistant 


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