Upright GO 2

About the product

- Helps you strengthen core muscles.

- Designed to get results within two weeks of use.

- App on iPhone or iPad provides individual training plan.

- App tracks posture and maintains training stats.

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Look and Feel Better Than Ever

People are impressed by someone who presents themselves as upright and capable. Good posture habits help you get noticed, and make you appear more open, capable and enthusiastic - ready for new opportunities.

Make Your First Impressions Count

When you sit or stand upright, you look and feel more confident, appear leaner and feel better. “We should care about posture because it affects who we are every day. There are mental benefits, physiology benefits, self image benefits” Dr. Daniel Fenster, DC.

Boost Work Productivity and Success in Life

Upright posture helps you breathe deeper and more easily, sending more oxygen to your brain, and enabling you to stay sharp and focused. All of these physical changes improve your thinking and mental clarity, which can make you more effective in the tasks at hand.

Reduce Stress, Grow in Mindfulness

It's been proven that how you hold your body affects your mood. Thankfully, you can change the course of your day simply by sitting upright. taking a deep breath and becoming more aware of your body.

Visualize Your Progress in Our iOS & Android App!

Track your posture all day long or train to improve it in our free accompanying apps. Then check your stats to see how you've improved over time! Real-time posture feedback. 

Item Weight

0.43 ounces (12 g)

Product Dimensions 

1.89 x 1.14 x 0.34 inches (4.8 x 2.89 x 0.86 cm)


Rechargeable Lithium Polymer
Charge Time
Approximately three hours
Battery life
Approximately 30 hours
0.43 Wh
Cable Length
29.52 in./75 cm
Other Features
Charging, Wireless, Health App Compatible


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Smart Security Systems

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