JBL UA Sport Train

About the product

- Wireless sound that lasts long and recharges quickly.

- One hour of workout time on just 5 minutes’ charge.

- Noise-cancelling mics so you can easily talk between sets.

- With UA Sport Wireless Train, you can get the most out of your workout.

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UA Sport Wireless Train are built for the gym

Super Vent ear cushions keep them cool and dry while Under Armour grip material provides a soft feel and maximum stability. UA Train headphones elevate every rep with big, wireless JBL Charged Sound. With a simple touch of the UA logo, Talk Thru technology is enabled so you can talk to your training partner or coach without having to remove the headphones. 

Tested and designed by athletes for durability, they’re moisture resistant and the ear cushions are hand washable

With UA Sport Wireless Train, you can get the most out of your workout.Train like a pro with these JBL sport wireless headphones. Pure Bass technology delivers high-quality audio, and a built-in sensor captures your pulse on demand and records your heart rate for future analysis through the free smartphone app. Comfortable and secure, these JBL sport wireless headphones are great for training and fun. 

Soft feel and maximum stability

Breathable UA SuperVent ear cushions keep your headphones cool and dry, while grip material provides a soft feel and maximum stability. 16-hour battery life ensures uninterrupted playback through a week of workouts, and 5-minute speed charge provides you one hour of playback. Bionic hearing with a TalkThru technology drops down the music and allows you to easily talk to training partners between sets without removing your headphones.

Stay pumped with UA Train Project Rock Edition headphones

The rugged IPX4 design is built to withstand tough gym conditions. One can't help but admire the Sport Wireless Train's industrialized silhouette, which clearly stands out from JBL's other streamlined on-ear designs. The octagonal ear cups give them a badass, contemporary look any muscle-bound bro would appreciate. The JBL and UA logos with dark slate finishes on each side, along with the sturdy metal hinges, lend them a sleek presence.


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