Ujet electric scooter

About the product

- Double mechanical fixation in the decomposed state with sensor control.

- The battery can be removed and carried as a small suitcase.

- 2 USB ports to charge your devices with a scooter battery.

- Electronic and mechanical lock control system when folded.

- The ability to remotely share Ujet with anyone in your contact list.

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Unique style

Ujet sets new standards in scooter design. Ujet owes its unique appearance to the first ever commercially produced orbital wheel and asymmetric aerospace frame. Result? Stylish, incredibly light but very sturdy scooter.

Convenient to charge

Choose the right battery capacity for you: up to 75 km or 150 km. Charge your Ujet from any standard 220V outlet for 3-6 hours anywhere - in your garage, apartment or office, and you can drive. Smart Ujet Battery is a digital, secure removable device and casters for easy portability. You can take it anywhere, use it as an external battery for your devices, or listen to music through the built-in wireless speakers.

Easy to operate

The lightweight, durable and complex Ujet frame is made of magnesium, aluminum and high-tech composite materials commonly used in the aerospace industry. The weight of 49 kg gives unparalleled ease of operation during active driving, as well as ease of transportation in the trunk or van of the car.

Convenient to store

With the compact Ujet you never have to worry about parking space! The scooter is conveniently assembled in a few seconds. It can be stored safely even at home, in the office or in the trunk of a car. Ujet will fit in anywhere!

Digital capabilities

Ujet is equipped with a 7 "touch screen with a high-end user interface. It provides easy access to a regular navigation system (GPS), player, phone and even a built-in camera that captures the best moments of your trips. Always stay connected with your Ujet , thanks to a dedicated iOS and Android app that lets you lock and unlock your scooter, track its location, or share your Ujet with friends and family. The app also monitors scooter specifications and displays warning.

Item Weight

49 kg with low capacity battery 55 kg with high capacity battery

Product Dimensions 

156 x 64 x 120 cm
Maximum load 
120 kg
Maximum power
3.6 kW (4.9 hp)
Top speed
45 km / h
80 / 80x14, MC26 Capri, with carbon nanotubes
Battery type
Charging time
3 to 6 hours from the on-board charger
Battery life
At least 1000 cycles
Networking features
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, GPS, USB
Automatically assembles a 7 "TFT waterproof touch screen
Front-facing camera with real-time video recording
Smartphone iOS 10 and Android 5.0 or higher


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