uGuardian Biometric Door Lock

About the product

- Advanced fingerprint technology, rugged, sleek, and compact design.

- Patent-protected independent clutch motor design.

- Capacitive sensor uses fingerprint touch to open, concealed key override.

- LED indicator and built-in buzzer, low battery warning.

- Easy installation with just a screwdriver - no wiring required.

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You can assign permanent or temporary access to the babysitter, office cleaning crew, neighbors, employees, or anyone you choose. The simple three-step setup process will have you and your users up and running in minutes. The uGuardian MD1000 door lock is easy to install yourself, requiring only a screwdriver to switch out the door lock – no wiring required!

Designed for easy replacement of your existing standard single latch door handle, the reversible handle option allows for flexibility during installation and fits all door swing directions. Plus, the idle handle design prevents forcible entry, making this rugged, sleek, and compact lock one of the most secure biometric fingerprint door locks available.


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