UCO Sprout Lumen

About the product

- 100 lumen battery-powered mini lantern lights up camp.

- Switches between white light and blue LED night light modes.

- Magnetic quick-connect lanyard mounts the lantern to a tent, tree, or post.

- Push button switch adjusts brightness up to 100 lumens.

- Detaches for use on a tabletop or flat surface.

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Easily light up your surroundings with the UCO Sprout Mini Camping Lantern

This ultra-compact device offers 100 lumens of brightness, making it ideal for lighting up your camp area and other dark environments. The Sprout lantern comes with push button control, making it quick and easy to adjust your light. Likewise, you can switch between white light and blue Moonlight modes, depending on your requirementsLanyard easily disconnects to use lantern on a tabletop or flat surface.

UCO’s new Sprout Mini Lantern is an ultra-compact and versatile camp lighting option

The easy-to-use push button control allows you to quickly dim or boost your light (up to 100 lumens), or switch to a soothing blue Moonlight Mode.The patent pending magnetic lanyard hanging system easily elevates the light to a tent or tree, or allows you to place it on the table for traditional use. Powered by three AAA batteries, the Sprout Mini Lantern is compact light that packs a punch and can light any campsite… anywhere.

Drawing power from three AAA batteries, the Sprout lantern lights up any campsite

The UCO Sprout 100 Lumen Hang-Out Mini Lantern is a compact, convenient nighttime lighting solution for camping, scouting, survival, and other outdoor adventures. It features a magnetic quick-connect lanyard for mounting the lantern to a tent, tree, or post. Featuring a magnetic lanyard system, the lantern is easy to hang in a tree or on your tent. Plus, you can also just place it on a table. To top it off, the mini camping lantern comes in four colors including black, blue, green and red.


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