Ubtech Alpha 1 Pro

About the product

- Stands 16" Inches tall and features 16 advanced digital servos.

- Enable your robot to perform incredible movements at Lightning speed.

- Connects easily to your smart device With the free Alpha app .

- The pose, record, and play feature allows you to record the movement.

Best video reviews

Full of fun, attitude, and personality

Alpha 1 Pro is an app-enabled, programmable humanoid robot that’s designed to educate and entertain your entire household. Its perfectly designed, high-precision servo joints, 3D visual programming software, and other advanced features are seamlessly controlled in one app.

Alpha 1 Pro is so much more than a tech toy…his personality, life-like movements and energy make him feel like the newest member of the family. Humanoid bipedal movement simulation, small body with full degrees of freedom, 16 high-torque digital robotic servos create fluid and precise movement allowing the robot to be as flexible as a human.

Award-Winning Star

From sell-out performances at Manchester City Football games to a cameo appearance in the Hollywood blockbuster Transformers 5, Alpha 1 pro is 'technically' already a worldwide celebrity. His skills have earned him industry accolades as well, including the Most Eye-Catching Product technology award at 2016’s IFA show in Berlin.

As a robot, Alpha 1 Pro has a black belt in motion and movement. Push-ups, headstands, yoga exercises and work-out routines are second nature to this pumped-up robot. Just ask our proud partners the Manchester City Football club. And just wait until you see his victory dance moves!

Program Your Robot

New to coding? No problem. Alpha 1 Pro can be programmed in many ways. You can also program Alpha 1 Pro via the app with Blockly coding. Drag-and-drop code modules and adjust the parameters to program the robot's actions. From dance to martial arts, Alpha’s moves are sure to amaze.

Alpha 1 Pro is a household programmable humanoid robot that can be used for education and entertainment. 3D visual programming software and PRP (Pose, Record & Playback) function are seamlessly controlled in one App. Alpha 1P is so much more than a piece of motorized plastic . . . his personality and his life-like human movements make him a member of the family. 

Download the Alpha 1 Pro App

Easily control your Alpha 1 Pro via the app. Access content from hit songs, classic tunes, and original actions or even upload and share your moves with the Alpha 1 Pro community. Record actions in three easy steps. Program your Alpha 1 Pro robot by manually adjusting its arms and legs into poses.

Then use the pose-record-play (PRP) function in the app to connect those individual poses into one long programmed sequence. The 3D visual programming software has an interface that’s simple and easy to operate. Its perfectly designed, high-precision servo joints.

Learn As You Play

For coding beginners, Alpha 1 Pro offers programming training through play. Mastering coding has never been more fun with Alpha 1 Pro as your guide.Alpha 1 Pro has 16 servo joints, which move with high precision, enabling the robot to perform various highly complex actions that simulate human movement. Fashioned from sleek, but durable plastics, Alpha 1 Pro’s body provides superior drop resistance protection. Built to last, Alpha 1 Pro won’t let you down.


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