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- Cutting through the clutter of cheap scooters, comes the superior range.

- Through state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques.

- New generation of Powerboards have taken a technological leap.

- Loaded with features that make all other brands of scooters seem obsolete.

- Product Size: length 44 (111.76 cm) inches, height 42 inches (106.68 cm).

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1000w Electric Scooter

The UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter is the top-of-the-line electric Evo Powerboard from Puzey Designs. It's fitted with a 1,000 watt motor that drives well over one horsepower. Twist the throttle and you'll be launched to speeds of up to 20+ mph and over medium to steep hills and inclines. The UberScoot 1000w has a 10 mile range.  When you flip into 'Economy Mode' you conserve battery power by partially limiting the scooters top speed and acceleration.


1000w electric scooter include

An advanced suspension system that conquers rough terrain with one 'Cam-Link' shock absorber in the front and adjustable twin shocks in the rear, powerful front and rear disc brakes, 10” air filled street tires on aluminum alloy rims, a one-touch easy fold 'Posi Lock' frame, quick-release seat, BMX style handlebars, headlight, tail light, rear mud guard and key ignition for added security.

Easy features

Riders can be sure of a safe riding thanks to the fact that the scooter is ergonomically designed and also has easy features that give you a smooth experience. It is also economical since it comes with the battery charger.  If you are a community rider, you will love the fact that this scooter has an easy to install and remove seat. This also means that if you have a limited space at home, you can remove the seat and fold the scooter to fit in a small space.

Scooter for all sizes

Being able to accommodate 265 lbs / 120 kg of maximum load is not easy for some scooters in the market. This means that this is a scooter for all sizes. Regardless of your weight issues, you can still enjoy a ride. This scooter knows no age, whether you are young or old, as long as you are bored and would like to have a ride in the neighborhood, this scooter provides you that opportunity and you can ride for several hours with effortless mobility.

Chain Motor
1000 Watt 
Three 12V/12AH (36 volt system)
Top Speed
24-26 MPH
Battery Life
250 cycles
Charging Time
4-8 hours
Front & Rear 
Tire Max load
265 lbs 
10 miles per charge 
Seat Included
46x13x18 inches 93 lbs
75 lbs


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