TTlife Ultrasonic Humidifiers

About the product

- Breathe healthier refresh air.

- Dual 360° rotatable nozzles can provide uniform humidification.

- Smart Humidity sensing and cool & warm mist.

- Sleep mode and aromatherapy, humidifier with filter.

- 5.5 L cover large room and remote control.

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Purify Air, Prevent Secondary Pollution and Breathe Refresh Air

Unique built-in Ionic Generator newly technology can purify air, releash refresh air, you and your family can breath better air and enjoy healthier life. Set the timer to 1-12 hours and then the humidifier will shut off when time ends. Save energy.

More smoothing Warm & Cool mist

Dual 360°rotatable nozzles can provide uniform humidification, avoid water damage to the floor and your wood furniture. Warm mist can improve the speed of mist, shorten the time to reach your desired humidity level.

Sleep Better & Moisturize the Air

Easier to get a good nights sleep and not wake up in the middle of the night with dry eyes, mouth & bloody nose. Whisper quiet, much better for light sleeper and baby, have a sweet dream.

Humidifier for essential oil

Enjoy relaxation & fragrance : you can add your favorite essential oil in the aroma box and it will scent up your room!

3 times Filter purification effect & lifepan

Lonic resin filter has 3 times Filter purification effect than most other filters. So our cool and warm humidifier has 3 times lifepan than other's, and reduce much more white coating than most humidifiers, save much time to clean.

Item Weight 
6.9 pounds ( 3.1 kg )
Product Dimension   
24.8 x 19.7 x 15 inches (63 x 50 x 38 cm)
ABS Plastic
LED screen
Humidification Method
Humidifier Mist Type
Warm and Cool Mist 
Humidifier Tank Capacity
5.5 L
Coverage Area
430-753 ft² (40-70 m²)
Humidifier for essential oil


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Smart Garden

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