Transformer Desk Organizer with Wireless Charger

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• Easily keep your desk tidy with the STEALTHO Transforming Desk Organizer with Wireless Charger.

• This office storage accessory set comes with everything you need to maintain a neat workspace.

• Featuring a modular design, STEALTHO combines the essential devices for work so you can become more efficient.

• It boasts twelve features in one, including a writing board, copy holder, sticky notes stand, pen holder, and business card holder.

• In addition, it doubles as a transformer, USB-C hub, wireless charger, and even a coaster.

• Similarly, the station for pencils, pens, and markers also charges your smartphone via the integrated Qi wireless charger.

• The built-in USB hub further reduces clutter by getting rid of adapters and wires your MacBook, Pro, and Air.


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At STEALTHO no two people are alike or necessarily want to work the same way

So for us, customization in the 12-in-1 organizer was a must. Our engineers answered the demand with a snap-and-fit style design that allows you to rearrange each piece of the organizer.When your mobile phone is already charged, you can use the charging pad as a quick notes and writing board.

Liquid chalk markers let you write reminders with style, color and zero mess. The sticky notes stand is also multifunctional. Use it as a copyholder to keep documents at the ready for reference. If you’re a music lover or just need some white noise to concentrate, use the stand to hold a pair of high-quality headphones. 

Clean lines perfect for any home, office

To match the contemporary interior of today’s buildings, our designers went for smooth, clean lines perfect for any home or commercial office. To add some flair and originality, they combined those lines with a bold, red base. Need a place to hold pushpins, paper clips and other small supplies? The sticky notes holder offers the perfect tray. The other side features four slots for your most valuable business cards, money or similar items. Support our project and your lucky dollar will always be there!

The first thing we combined is a Desktop organizer and Qi Wireless Charger

This component gives you an easily accessible station for pens, markers, pencils and more, all while serving as a convenient charging station for your phone. Get rid of wires and adapters for your MacBook, Air and Pro and save some cash! Built into the utensil organizer and charger component is a USB hub.

The hub allows you to quickly charge your tablet, laptop and power bank, and to use USB flash drives. You also can read micro SD cards from other devices, getting the data directly to your computer for your projects.

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Let the whole world know about this event! The trouble is, all these essentials quickly can create clutter that distracts you, impedes tasks and cuts your productivity. We believe that your workspace should not be overloaded, and that all the necessary things you need to do an amazing job should lie in one place.

To achieve this streamlining and ensure your maximum efficiency, we have created a modular organizer that pulls everything you require into a single, customizable and more functional location.Our main goal was to combine gadgets and office supplies, since the majority of people need and want both.

The STEALTHO team envisions a huge range of possibilities for the 12-in-1 Transformer organizer

But to guarantee you can get more from the product, we need your help to meet our stretch goals! Early birds will receive a set of the highest achieved stretch goal.  Users can rearrange the modules on the nine-pad TPU magnetic base in any order they want. Complete with many other useful features, STEALTHO helps you concentrate and operate efficiently.

STEALTHO Office Storage Accessory includes- Pen & Phone & Post-it & Copy holder, Writing board, Headphone & Sticky notes stand, CoasterToday, the typical employee or freelancer has a host of basic supplies to keep track of- smartphones, noise-canceling headphones and of course, trusty writing utensils, just to name a few. 


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