TRACK1 off-road eBoard

About the product

- Power comes from a rear 5-horsepower-plus motor spinning the track.

- Flux the track creates a contact patch equivalent to that of a 76-cm wheel.

- Designed, letting its rider accelerate over everything from soft sand.

- Removable handlebars, a swappable battery and light, performance materials.

- Ready for all-terrain domination, snow to hard dirt and pavement. 

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The TRACK1 is a beautifully designed and high-performance electric board that weighs 60 pounds. The electric skateboard sports a pretty cool, tough and rugged appearance design, and the uniquely designed track not only brings practical functions, but also delivers eye-catching modern industrial creativity.

The worlds first compact off-road capable vehicle

The TRACK1 was developed to give people the freedom to ride various terrain. Created the worlds first compact off-road capable vehicle, small enough to fit in the back seat of a car, powerful enough to shred up steep hills. The TRACK1 is designed to go where no board has gone before. The track-drive is the first of its kind, extraordinarily unique due to the traction of a tank combined with smooth handling. This is an all-season, all-terrain vehicle comparable to a personal ATV.


An off-road board needs good traction, but traditional off-road skateboard wheels are too small providing poor grip. One of the reasons tanks have tracks is because the 'contact patch' of a track is significantly larger than a wheel providing superior traction and pressure distribution. In fact the TRACK1 has the contact patch of a 30 inch wheel making it possible to traverse different types of terrains.

Utility handlebars

The utility handlebars are a good option for those who are new to board riding, or just need more utility from the TRACK1. The handlebars are made from aluminum, chromoly and carbon fiber for a little flexibility and maximum durability. Perfect for beginners or advanced riders, the handlebars open new opportunities for the TRACK1. 

All-terrain board!

This is an all-terrain board and is designed for numerous terrain types the Track1's speed and range can vary significantly.TRACK1 used for gathering firewood and family fun camping.TRACK1 is always the life of the party!

Item Weight

60 pounds (27.2 kg)


20 mph (32 km/h)
12 miles
Hill Climb 

Charging time

3 hours


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