Roto VR Chair

About the product

- Explore 360 degrees in virtual reality without cables tangling.

- Motorised features enhance and transform all types of VR experiences.

- Roto VR enables 360 degrees exploration in complete comfort.

- Walk (whilst seated) using the Roto VR Touch Pedals.

- Roto VR's internal tracking provides decoupled VR experience.

Best video reviews

 Fully motorized and fits perfectly with all kinds of scenarios

Today bring you a super cool gadget it's about ROTO VR chair a specially designed chair to make our virtual reality experience simply insurmountable. Roto VR is an intelligent chair that is fully coupled to our VR experience to make it like no other. This great chair is fully compatible with all VR visors, is also fully motorized and fits perfectly with all kinds of scenarios.

Interactive VR Chair

Why stand for hours when you can sit comfortably? Improve your VR experience with Roto - the immersive and interactive Virtual Reality Chair. Roto VR Chair will auto-rotate to wherever you look without cables getting tangled. Roto is compatible with most VR headsets. An upgradable cable management system means future headsets can also be supported.

Take Your First Steps

Walk, run and jump whilst comfortably seated with the Roto VR Chair Touch Pedals. Heightening a sense of presence and added immersion, powerful motors are integrated at the back and underside of the Roto VR Chair. 

Take a Ride

Imagine flying through an asteroid belt or riding the twists and turns of a rollercoaster. With the Roto VR chair, movie directors and game developers can take us on incredible journeys through a 360 degree narrative. Take your game to the next level by adding accessories to your Roto VR Chair to enhance your virtual playing experience. Accessories include; Racing Pack, Tablettes, Desktop, Side Baskets.

What's in the box

Roto VR Base, VR Chair, VR HeadTracker, VR Emergency Button, VR Touch Pedals, VR Control Box, VR Double Rumble.

Item Weight

15 kg

Product Dimensions 

70 x 70 x 35 cm


Roto VR Headtracker
4 x 4 x 1.8 cm
24V 2A
3 USB data (hub), 2 USB charging ports
360 degree


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Office Gadgets

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Storage Devices

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Smart Garden