Toshiba TH-GW10 Symbio 6-in-1

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The world’s first all-in-one smart home solution with 6 functions in one easy-to-use device.

Compatible with any iOS or Android device.

It's a wireless security camera that is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled so you can keep an eye on your home environment.

Not only that, it's a smart sound detector so you can listen in on what matters most, plus get alerts from legacy devices.

It's a smart speaker so you can enjoy music, audiobooks and more, anytime, anywhere. Not only that, it's an intercom so you can communicate to Symbio from anywhere.

It's voice-controlled with Amazon Alexa so you can ask questions, control your entertainment, get reminders and more.

It's a smart home hub so you can control your home with a single app.


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 A smarter smart home solution

Perfect for monitoring children, elderly parents and pets, as well as home security in HD quality video with motion alerts plus access to video history from your smartphone.

Enjoy virtually limitless streaming music options from Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio and your personal playlist, or use it as a Bluetooth speaker without connecting to Wi-Fi.

With simple voice commands, Alexa not only answers all your questions but also enables you to control smart home lighting, music, climate and more.

Detects and sends alerts to your smartphone for important sounds such as a baby crying, dog barking, window breaking, legacy smoke alarm and more.

Communicate through the smartphone app to family members anywhere the Symbio is located in your home.

Control all the smart devices in your home simply with a single hub, a single app and the power of your voice.

Create your ideal smart home environment today with room to grow tomorrow

Symbio works with a wide range of connected smart devices powered by Z-Wave or ZigBee wireless technology.

Control all of your Symbio connected devices through the single, simple Toshiba Smart Home app.

Whether you’re in the house, at the office or even on vacation, you can enjoy all the benefits of this multitalented smart home solution.

With hundreds of devices to choose from, you can expand your smart home technology all at once, or one room at a time.

Product description

Why clutter your home with multiple devices for various functions, when the Toshiba Symbio Smart Home Solution does everything you want—all from a single device and controlled by a single app? And with the simple, single-view application with expandable capabilities you’ll enjoy total control over your smart home today and tomorrow.

Want to add more smart home features over time? Just say the word. Symbio works with many connected devices powered by Z-Wave or ZigBee wireless technology. With hundreds of devices to choose from, you can expand your smart home technology all at once, or one room at a time.

The Toshiba Smart Home App turns your smartphone into a remote control for all your Symbio connected smart home devices. Whether you’re in the house, at the office, or even on vacation, you’ve got full control over everything from lights and music to door locks and temperature settings—all with a single, user-friendly app for iOS or Android devices.


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