Tick Tock Turtle - Kai Kids Alarm Clock

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• The kids alarm clock that promotes NATURAL waking by reducing morning grogginess and irritability.

• Children wake up HAPPY and with more energy.
On the bed or on the go, can be used as a night light for kids with easy to read time pattern for sleep training.

• Fully portable with 4 days battery life, charger included. Packed with 48 LED's with proprietary wavelengths for sleep and wake enhancement.

• Teach your kids from counting to reading a clock. Kids understand the passage of time with the simple dot pattern. Use as a sleep trainer or even as an activity timer.

• Drop and shock tested, designed to withstand ROUGH PLAY.


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Help Your Family Experience Better Mornings With Us By Building Independence and a Lasting Sleep Routine!

By using sunrise lights and monitoring your child's body movement, Tick Tock Turtle can determine when is the best time to wake up your child!

Morning grogginess and grumpiness can be reduced when woken up in a "light sleep cycle"

Every child is different and we stay on the bed to WAKE YOUR CHILD AT THEIR BEST TIME.  Have you ever felt like you needed a little help in the morning? Tick Tock Turtle helps children of all ages develop a lasting healthy sleep routine. Not only that, by using proven scientific methods, Tick Tock Turtle is the first alarm clock to help your kids wake up in a better mood! NO MORE BATTLES IN THE MORNING WHEN EVERYONE IS ALREADY RUNNING LATE!

No sunlight from outside on a rainy day? No problem!

Did you know most night lights are keeping your kids from getting a good nights sleep? At night time, we only use LONG-WAVELENGTH RED LEDs that will not disrupt melatonin production! Brightness can be adjusted to give just the right amount of light for a restful nights sleep. 

Food Grade Material and Easy to Clean!

Made with food grade silicone, CLEANUP IS EASY! Wash the outer cover by hand or even throw it in the dishwasher. With Tick Tock Turtle's simple dot pattern, Kids of all ages can understand the progression of time throughout the night! During the day, it can be used as an ACTIVITY TIMER! Learn with Tick Tock Turtle from counting to reading a clock! 


The light that we are exposed to has the biggest influence on our sleep patterns! Our sunrise light gradually gets your kids ready to WAKE UP NATURALLY in the morning. Made with child safe plastics and food grade silicone, CPSIA/EN71 US and EU certified child safe.


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