SK-1 Tactical Carbon Black

About the product

- The SK-1 Tactical is uniquely designed to blend in with your home décor.

- Using Biometric and RFiD scanners, you have  ways to access firearms quickly.

- Equipped with Bluetooth speakers that stream music directly from smartphone.

- Large enough to store a tactical rifle or home defense shotgun, multiple full size.

- Responsibly has never been easier when utilizing this groundbreaking product.

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The SK-1 Tactical adds security and style to any home or office

Safely store a tactical rifle or home defense shotgun, multiple full size or compact handguns, ammunition, and more. Equipped with Bluetooth speakers, the SK-1 Tactical also streams your favorite music from your smartphone. Having a collection of guns is something that many love to do, but it can be less than convenient when you want to load them up to take with you to the shooting range or need somewhere sly to keep them for home and self-defense reasons. It also fits inside it guns up to 39 inches in length, as well as secondary firearms, ammunition, and more.

The Gunbox SK-1 Tactical Safe is here to provide you with a solution to that problem

This gun box is not some large wooden chest that sits still in an office or in a basement; instead, it offers a sleek and modern design that can be used in any sort of modern or transitional setting as a piece of decor, ready for you to open up and choose a gun or pack up and take with you to the shooting range at a moment’s notice.The Gunbox SK-1 Tactical Safe comes with wifi Bluetooth speakers that allow them to also serve as a music-playing device, making this box even more convenient for keeping in your living room or bedroom and getting more than one use out of it.

The original Gunbox revolutionized firearm storage

The original Gunbox revolutionized firearm storage by allowing handguns to be kept both secure and quickly-accessible. It left out those of us who own home defense shotguns and/or rifles. Luckily, the brand has bridged that gap with their new SK1-Tactical safe. Using the same technology found in its smaller brother – including biometric, RFID, and Bluetooth entry – this is the ultimate gun safe for anyone who wants both reliable storage and easy access to their firearms, but doesn’t want a hulking eyesore sitting in their house. 


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