The Casper Glow Light

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Your Glow lamp is a portable light device (or, as we like to see it — the perfect nightlight for midnight snack missions).

Glow also turns off on its own so you can drift-off without worrying. Sweet dreams all round!

Download the Glow app to customize your bedtime and morning routine.

Use the Glow app to sync and manage a group of Glow lights together for your own personal light show.


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A magical light for better sleep.A light designed to help you fall asleep. Glow — a light that helps you wind down naturally for better, deeper sleep.Cues your body for bed. Warm light helps you wind down as you read and relax. Softly lulls you to sleep.

Gradually dims so you can doze off without interruptions. Gently wakes you up. Fills the room with soft light for an easy morning rise.A built-in gyroscope lets you control the brightness to the level you want with just a twist.

The ambient light sensor lets you use Glow in the middle of the night without waking anyone up.In the morning, soft light helps gently wake you up comfortably and, most importantly, alarm-free.

Just return it to its wireless charging station when it needs a little power boost.It is true that certain types of light can impact the quality of your sleep, but whith the Glow to produce a warm hue of 2700k — this means it gives out little to no “blue light” which has been shown to be disruptive to natural sleep rhythms.


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