The Motorola Bolt Smart Safe

About the product

• Wi-Fi internet connected. • 24/7 security monitoring. • Remote open from anywhere. • Intelligent smartphone alerts. • Installs in a convenient location for easy access. • Loud audible and bright visual alerts keep users informed directly from the device. • Backup key for emergency access. • Sealed compartment to help control moisture.

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Both audible and visual alerts

If you prefer not to use a smartphone or cannot connect the safe to the internet, the Smart Safe has both audible and visual alerts that can be seen and hear directly from this unit. Remote open the safe door from anywhere or have customer service open it up for you in the event you misplaced your keys and forgot your code. Because access to medications is critically imporant, a pair of back up keys are provided with each safe in case of emergency. The patented expandable wing system provides the uder with an uparalleled range of fast, simple and secure installation options. 

Download the Motorola Smart Safe app on the Apple Store or Google Play

By connecting the Smart Safe to the internet via Wi-Fi, it communicates in real-time to provide security alerts and intelligent medication reminders via text, email or the Motorola Smart Safe app. Along with all of our standard features, the Bolt comes equipped with screw holes, making it easy for you to install it on a wall or cabinet, but difficult enough to deter others from detaching and walking away with it. Easily access items you need everyday, while keeping them just out of reach of young children and locking them away from any visitors.

Wifi connectivity

Virtually all safes are penetrable and vulnerable, yet the smart safe is the only safe that can give 24/7 real-time security intelligence. With Wifi connectivity and real-time alerts sent to your smartphone, you'll never feel far from the things that matter most. The expandable wings adjust to fit the smart safe easily in a cabinet, drawer, or any nook and cranny withing your home; and with WiFi connectivity and real-time alerts sent to your smartphone, you'd never feel far from the things that matter most.


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