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Measures the food & water intake of your pet and alerts you when a deviation from a normal baseline occurs.Left your dog home alone? Now you'll know how they are doing! Because you love your dogs, you want to know how they are doing when you are at work - our bowl serves as a home WiFi station and syncs data from the Actijoy Tracker automatically. We spent a year perfecting a bowl that is packed with electronic smart features, yet is durable and our furry friends love to eat from it.Monitors the freshness and amount of water in the bowl with respect to your dog's daily needs. Actijoy also connects to the weather forecast to predict the need for more water. Some dogs will only ever drink from a shared bowl in households with multiple dogs. It makes perfect sense in a dog's mind, but it's tough for dog owners to track the amount. Our bowls are designed to be multi-dog friendly and will tell you exactly how much and when each dog is eating and drinking. Any deviation from normal water intake might indicate a health problem. Actijoy does the job for you - it knows your dog's normal intake and it alerts you anytime there is a change.


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The Actijoy WiFi Food & Water Bowl is a great innovation for pets and their owners. This clever dog feeding bowl promotes a healthy lifestyle not only for single dogs, but also for multiple dogs. It measures the food and water intake of the dog and informs the owner when a dog eats or drinks less than normal and highlights abnormalities.

The weight sensor accurately monitors how much your pet ate or drank. It monitors the amount of water drank and the freshness of the water in the bowl. It will also inform you if the dog drank less than normal. The bowl can recognize which dog is using it which is useful when you have multiple dogs.

Another advantage is that the entire system is connected to the weather forecast and in case of a hot weather it would advise owners in the morning to add more water.The bowl automatically syncs data through your WiFi so you know how your pup is doing even when you’re not home.

Completely free.Syncs with your Actijoy Trackers everytime your pup comes close to bowl.Our bowls are made from FDA and BPA material, so it is safe for your doggy. You can also put them in the dishwasher and microwave to make your life easier! 


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