Texsens LED Light Bulb

About the product

- This bulb is a Bluetooth enabled, multicolored, energy efficient smart LED light.

- Adjustable volume of light and music, comparable to a 50 Watts Halogen bulb.

- Energy saving and good quality support music, with Bluetooth 3.0.

- One Remote controller can control multi bulbs.

- Suitable for the bedroom, closet, cabinet, Corridor, workshop, basement.

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Texsens is a brand with the mission of continuously creating the freshness of our lives, we focus on developing products with differentiated features in the market that can bring high-quality experience to customers.

Texsens LED light bulb speaker is with light in combination with a speaker, high-quality stereo, amazing heavy bass effect, experience. Texsens Innovative LED lighting gifts for children, men, and women. This is a great transformation of the light bulb!


The two section switch: Switching between the white and colored light. Item type: led music bulb. Color of body: White. Light color: RGBW. Material: Plastic.


AC100-24.0V/50Hz-60Hz.. Total power: 12W. Output power: 6W. Speaker power: 3W. Frequency response: 135Hz-15KHz. Base: E26. Bluetooth version: 3.0 and Bluetooth Smart.


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