Terraillon Smart Lamp

About the product

- Wake-up and sleep programs thanks to sounds and lights.

- Control of Homni thanks to the touch user interface and the motion sensor.

- Sleep monitoring thanks to the sensor provided.

- Ambience according to your wishes thanks to the possible 16 million colors.

- Broadcast your favorite music from your smartphone via any application.

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Terraillon Homni: the smart sleep solution

Homni is a smart sleep solution that analyzes the environment of your bedroom. Terraillon in collaboration with the European Sleep Center has developed programmes combining sounds and lights adapted to help you fall asleep and wake up naturally.

Understand and act on your sleep environment

For complete monitoring of your sleep, Terraillon offers innovative solutions that analyze your sleep in detail. Discover Dot, Reston, and Homni to improve the quality of your nights every day!

The benefits of light

Homni simulates the sunset and the sunrise to make you sleep and wake up gently. Red tones are used at bedtime to not disturb the secretion of the sleep hormone and bluish tones in the morning for a gentle awakening. Also, thanks to the cardiac coherence programme you can relax before going to sleep by inhaling and exhaling to the rhythm of the light.

Four embedded sensors

During the night, Homni analyses the temperature, the sound level, the brightness and the humidity of your bedroom with these four integrated sensors. Find all your data in your Wellness Coach Sleep app to improve your sleep night after night.

Create your ambiance

With 16 million possible colours and the built-in Bluetooth speaker, create your own light and sound. Listen to the music already integrated into Homni memory or play your favourite music tracks via any music application.

Shipping Weight

2.9 pounds (1.3 kg)

Product Dimensions 

11 x 11 x 15.5 cm
Plastic, glass


iOS (8.0 and above) and Android (4.4.2 and more)


LED screen

Display size

4 x 1.3 cm, thickness 1.3 cm
Duration of sleep, Sleep cycles, body movements, Sleep score, Analysis of your room environment
Support to APP
Wellness Coach-Sleep App
Adjustable light mood with 16 million colours available, USB ports


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