Terra iRobot Mower

About the product

- Terra is engineered with of power to handle bumps, rocks, and roots.

- The intelligent robot mower that cuts your grass, your way.

- Guided by Imprint Smart Mapping, Terra mower learns and maps your yard.

- Terra mower’s wire-free boundary system means installation with no digging.

- iRobot HOME App that lets you choose the schedule and grass height.

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iRobot said the beacons can be pushed or hammered into the ground

Users need to place wireless beacons around their yards and manually drive the Terra robot lawn mower around to teach it the layout. They need to remain in place throughout the mowing season. Terra uses the beacons to calculate its position in the yard. The robot will operate autonomously after the initial training run.

This is similar to how many autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) map logistics facilities. The handle of the robot is linked to a lift sensor, so that when the handle is lifted, the robot will turn off. A tilt sensor will detect if the robot tilts to an abnormal degree, shutting down the robot if triggered.

Another benefit of Terra is that it mows in straight, back-and-forth lines, the same way most humans would

Surprisingly, many robot lawn mowers do not work that way. If the battery runs low, the Terra robot lawn mower returns to its charging base to recharge and picks up where it left off. It is compatible with iRobot’s HOME App, so users can adjust Terra’s mowing height and mowing schedule.

iRobot was tight-lipped about many of Terra’s specs, but it did shed light on its safety features: “Terra has several built-in safety mechanisms so that the blades will stop rotating if the robot is ever tilted or lifted. 


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