Steel Patriot Smart Gun Safe

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• FULL FEATURED iOS AND ANDROID APPS leverage wireless Bluetooth control to ensure your Steel Patriot SP200 operates intuitively.

• Quick 128-bit AES secure pairing, biometric authentication and facial recognition (iPhone X) means only authorized users will have access.

• ADVANCED PROGRAMMABLE SOFTWARE FEATURES including Proximity Mode (hands-free), Rapid Access Mode (hands free, iOS only), TamperSense™, and Lock Activity Log will change the way you think about weapon security.

• Your security solution needn’t be hidden in a closet! The SP200’s iconic slope-sided design will look great while sitting on your nightstand, dresser, desk, kitchen counter or coffee table.

• At 13” wide x 8.7” deep x 2.7” tall, the SP200 will hold a full-size 1911, an extra magazine, and box of ammunition. Anti-pry bends in the lid and the base, a rear seam reinforcement element, and a CNC-machined hook ensure contents remain secure.

• The SP200 features the industry’s only locking mechanism that actively locks and unlocks.


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Intuitive Smartphone Technology

The inescapable truth is that many of us have our smartphones with us nearly all of the time. And while much of this technology might be considered overly complex or even useless by some, we’ve leveraged the smartphone in a uniquely practical way - We designed the SP200 to be used multiple times each day. We expect the owner will place his or her pistol case on their nightstand, dresser or executive desk to ensure their carry weapon is always within reach.

Designed to withstand more than 100Gs while maintaining lock state

Proprietary Hinge - Integrated lift assist and friction hold: An artful, proprietary design enabling one finger open and close - Premium Open Cell Foam Liner - The highest quality, best looking open cell foam available - Interlocking Seam Design - The interlocking seam prevents a bad actor from getting additional purchase when attempting to pry his way into your gun safe - At 13” wide x 8.7” deep x 2.7” tall, the SP200 will hold a full-size 1911, an extra magazine, and a box of ammunition - Lifetime Warranty - Hardened Cam Lock - Hardened cam will resist pull out and drilling.

The double-bitted key is very difficult to replicate

Engineered, manufactured and assembled in the United States by the men and women who make our country exceptional. Every so often a new American brand is created that perfectly captures the spirit of the country. Steel Patriot is that brand – tough, resolute, proud, independent, innovative, relentless, and meticulous - Steel Patriot products are high tech, but in a uniquely practical way. We blend leading technology with superb craftsmanship to create products that will endure for decades.


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