SIMore Speed X-Four X

About the product

- Four phone numbers on one single iPhone X.

- Data and internet access through 3G 4G LTE with four Nano SIMs.

- Super Speed microprocessor for ultra fast switch.

 -Unique design, super thin and very resistant membrane.

- Choose the SIM card you want to be connected.

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4 telephone numbers

Speed X-Four X is a Quadruple SIM adapter case which allows to use 4 telephone numbers in one single iPhone X. The MultilSIM case adapter Speed X-Four X allows you to call, send and receive your SMS/MMS, access Internet and enjoy data using 3G or 4G with your 4 SIM cards on one and unique cellphone.

The Speed X-Four X adapter

Once Speed X-Four X inserted into your iPhone X, the SIMore menu appears automatically in your Apple mobile's main menu to manage your 4 telephone numbers and define your settings. The Speed X-Four X adapter includes the new Super Speed microprocessor that allows ultra fast switch between your four phone numbers.

Creates an innovative and unique design

Its unique architecture optimizes the performance of the adapter and increases the execution speed of the SIMore menu's processes and applications. For Speed X-Four X Quadruple SIM adapter, SIMore creates an innovative and unique design for a simple and easy installation. The device takes place directly into your iPhone slot and your 4 Nano SIM cards slide into the four dedicated adapter's SIM slots.

Switch from one number to the other

You can switch from one number to the other in two clicks and choose your SIM to make and receive calls, send and receive SMS, and access data and browse Internet without turning off your iPhone X. The Quadruple Multi SIM Speed X-Four X allows to name your SIM cards to know which phone number is connected and avoid roaming fees.

All its available features

Very convenient for travellers, businessmen, or anyone who uses more than one SIM or phone number (professional SIM , private SIM or foreign SIM). With this ergonomic protective case, your Apple iPhone X is fully protected while keeping all its available features.

What is in Box

SIM holder for Nano SIM, Micro SIM and standard SIM cards, pocket tool in credit card size format.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR
SIM Capacity
Shortcut Function
Manual, Automatic
Protective case color
Quadruple SIM adapter color
Supports UMTS
3G - LTE - 4G - HSDPA - WCDMA - CDMA - GSM - GPRS - EDGE networks


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