Sony Aibo Robot Dog

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- Bring fun and joy to your household with aibo, the companion robot.

- The aibone and pink ball toys can add variety and excitement while.

- Aibo is the latest iteration of the beloved robotic "puppy" companion.

- Sony developed a wide range of sensors, cameras to bring aibo to life.

- Take your aibo experience to the next level with the "My aibo" app.

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No two aibo robots are the same

Your approach to raising your aibo shapes its personality, behavior, and knowledge, creating a unique environment for growth. Over time, your aibo will continue to learn and develop as your approach to nurturing gradually shapes its personality. aibo will even learn new tricks through interactions with other aibo robots, experiences with changing seasons, and for different holidays and events.

Technology brings aibo to life

Sony developed a wide range of sensors, cameras and actuators to bring aibo to life. Ultra-compact 1- and 2-axis actuators give aibo's body the freedom to move along a total of 22 axes. While aibo's adaptable behavior is made possible through deep learning AI technology, in the form of inbuilt sensors that can detect and analyze sounds and images. In addition, two OLEDs are utilized for aibo's eyes and allow for diverse, nuanced expressions.

Full of charm and infectious energy

Bursting with life and energy, aibo shows its love for its owners through lifelike expressions, movements and gestures in hundreds of adorable patterns. Its body language is expressed through a combination of eye, ear, and tail movements as well as different voice sounds. While aibo's eyes constantly give you a window into its feelings.

Irresistibly cute

Aibo features a cute, roly-poly appearance that makes you want to reach out and pet it, while its sleek design is captivating and brimming with life. Moving around with infectious energy, aibo has an identity that's just waiting to be explored and discovered.

Being with people is what aibo loves best

Not content with merely waiting around to be called, aibo will actively seek out its owners. Boasting the ability to learn and recognize faces, aibo develops a familiarity with people over time. That experience shapes aibo's behavior, too. When it sees someone who's always nice and friendly, aibo will get close and comfortable.

Stay connected with your aibo using the "My aibo" app1,2

Take your aibo experience to the next level with the "My aibo" app1. In addition to accessing system settings and owner information, a handy interface lets you check out your aibo's pictures, play with your aibo, and add "tricks" to its repertoire. The app is packed with fun-filled features-even for people who don't have an aibo of their own.

Accessories that spice up playtime with aibo

The aibone and pink ball toys can add variety and excitement while playing with your aibo. aibo enjoys picking up and throwing the aibone or playing catch and kicking the pink ball. Because pink is aibo's favorite color, all of aibo's toys have pink elements in them.


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