Sona Connected Bracelet

About the product

- Health tracker for mind + body that is simultaneously high fashion, high tech.

- 5 Guided resonance meditation session options.

- 3-axis accelerometer, vibrating motor.

- Tracks your daily resonance goals and progress.

- Tracks your daily active time minutes, calories burned steps, distance.

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Tracking Goals for Mind & Body

When you are tired, stressed, or overtrained, your body is too busy trying to recover and can’t adapt as gracefully to your environment, resulting in a lower HRV score. Sona connects to the Caeden App to keep your wellness in balance by tracking physical activity and training your resilience to stress. 

Next Generation Heart Rate Sensor

Sona’s advanced sensor tracks Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a metric that provides a well-rounded view of your overall health and stress levels. HRV is a very extremely useful metric—it requires a measurement over ten times more accurate than standard BPM in order to record the exact variation in timing of each successive heartbeat peak.

Train your resilience to stress

Sona comes with five Resonance breathing meditation sessions for focus and calm. Developed by scientists, Resonance has been shown to increase focus and reduce stress. The Caeden Sona uses our advanced heart rate sensor to measure your body’s response to activity throughout the day, no matter what form that activity takes.

Sona Connected Bracelet

Wearable technology to optimize mind and body performance. Connects to the Caeden App to help you achieve your wellness goals. For iPhones with iOS 9 or higher. The best path to health is a goal of 30 minutes of moderate physical activity per day. Active Time system determines what that means for you based on your heart rate readings, and helps encourage you to reach that goal.

Product Dimensions 

12.7 x 43 x 22.5 mm, fits wrists 5–7.5- 10” circumference
Genuine full grain leather band, interchangeable, sweat proof silicone band, premium ion-plated, stainless steel hardware with splash proof ultrasonic welded enclosure


Gold, Rose Gold, Gunmetal
 iPhones with iOS 9 or higher


PPG heart rate sensor 3-axis accelerometer

Charging time

One to two hours


Resting Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Real Time Heart Rate


Bluetooth 4.1LE
Battery life
Up to 3 days of normal use
80 mAh Lithium Polymer battery
4 mm vibrating motor for call and text notifications


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