Somabar Craft Cocktail Appliance

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Create a menu that works for your business and house fill up your seven SomaPodTM containers with corresponding liquors and mixers.

The Somabar automated bartender will make any selected drink in 10 seconds or less.

It even cleans itself automatically at the end of service.


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          Select or create your menu

     Fill SomaPodTM containers

       Select a drink

    Automated Self-Cleaning

Somabar is the world’s first app controlled robotic bartending appliance created for the home kitchen. With its streamlined design you can thoroughly mix cocktails and infuse bitters to make the perfect cocktail in seconds.

Our ordering system presents you with a menu based on the ingredients you already have or suggests what ingredients you need. Somabar has the ability to gently infuse a few dashes of bitters, a botanically infused alcoholic mixture, made of water, alcohol, herbs and spices, into every drink.

There are a handful of products out there which are automated bartenders, but they are eight to ten times more expensive than Somabar and, worse, they don’t even mix your ingredients!

They just dump them in a glass. We don’t consider that a cocktail. Instead, Somabar thoroughly mixes every drink before it is dispensed into your glass. Now that’s a real cocktail!


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