SOLSOL New Solar Hat Charger

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• Battery-free, safe, clean and renewable and it extends the battery life of an iphone, 100% Cotton. • 5 Panel snapback flat brim baseball cap design in 8 different two-tone and solid colors. • Solsol hat is battery-free, safe and does not emit electromagnetic radiation. • Compatible with iPod, iphone5, 6, 6s, iPad, android smartphones, gopro, Bluetooth devices. • 100% Cotton material fabric with highest performance solar cell (18% efficiency).

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Introducing the very first "Battery-Free" solar powered charger, The SOLSOL Solar Hat extends the battery life and charges the battery of your iPhone, Android cell phone and other mobile devices. The SOLSOL Hat delivers renewable energy and clean power to your iPhone and Android smart devices when the sunlight hits the proprietary solar panel on the flat brim of the SOLSOL Hat. The SOLSOL Hat is SAFE.

The SOLSOL Hat is also very stylish and comes in the popular 5 panel snapback flat brim baseball cap design that looks just like any other stylish "snapback" hat. The solar bill is black with a tint of blue and the proprietary LXTSOL 5V USB outport is placed in a pocket discretely on the left side of hat. It is light weight, comfortable and water resistant.


High efficiency solar cells on the bill of the hat charge your devices very simply. Just insert your own USB extension into the LXTSOL USB outport on the hat, plug the other end of the cord into your device, walk into the sun and watch your device begin to charge instantly. Proprietary and patent pending regulator (LXTSOL) regulates a constant 5v output. Compatible with most 5V USB Smart Devices.

Proprietary and patent pending solar panels designed to look and feel like the stylish 5, 6 and 7 panel Snapback baseball hats. Battery-Free & Safe no electromagnetic radiation. High efficiency monocrystalline solar cells. Clean & Renewable Energy Panels will last over 25 years if maintained with minimal care. When you wear the SOLSOL Hat you are living a clean and green life. Just plug your charging cord into the USB plug inside the button-hole to get started. 


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