Soliom Solar-Power Wireless Video Doorbell

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• Soliom Wireless Video Doorbell, world’s first solar power wire-free smart door camera.

• Featuring two-way talk, night vision, local storage, sensitive motion detection & many more features,it's totally carefree and reliable!

• Includes: Soliom Video Doorbell. Backboard for Screw Installation. Backboard with 3M Adhesive Sticker. Installation Tools set.

• With the Soliom doorbell, you only need to screw the mount wherever you want the doorbell or use a highly adhesive 3M sticker to secure it.

• Soliom creates a wire-free, hassle-free, and headache-free with a one-step installation process, you do not need to worry anymore about how to connect the wires to your doorbell.


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Use the sun to power your doorbell with the Soliom Solar-Power Wireless Video Doorbell

Featuring a truly wireless design, this doorbell gets its power from the sun so you won’t have to change batteries ever again. Additionally, the built-in solar panel prevents you from having to rewire the doorbell since it can power itself. Complete with an IP65 rating, the weatherproof doorbell can withstand all weather conditions. Soliom comes with a built-in 1080HD video and 165-degree wide-angle lens, allowing you to see visitors showing up at your door. 

Soliom is completely self-sustainable with its built-in solar power panel and a 5000mAh lithium battery

Just set it up and power the Soliom doorbell with the most natural energy, mother nature. Even on cloudy days or when direct sunlight is not available, it can still charge.Got caught up with something or stuck in traffic? See exactly when a friend or family drops by with Soliom’s 1080P HD quality live streaming feature. Let them know you’ll be home soon with the two-way talk feature. 

The doorbell also has two-way audio so you can communicate with your guests

 In addition, you can see, speak to and hear anyone who rings your doorbell from your smartphone, computer or tablet. Using built-in motion sensors, Soliom can detect any movement at your door. Simply install the smart doorbell and let Soliom take care of your home. Simply download “Soliom” phone App through Play Store or App Store, and follow the simple direction to set up the device.

The easily App installation allows you to share with your family and friends to use, and create a more safe, convenient life for your own

Soliom’s video lens offers a 165 wide angle to give you a comprehensive view of your entire front yard. The video records with both day and night vision to give you the best quality footages of your front yard at all times.The Soliom app notifies the homeowner every time someone is at your front door when they trigger the motion sensor.

Easily check to see who’s there whether it’s a friend, the delivery man, or someone unknown

Take a quick snapshot of anyone acting suspiciously through the app and protect your home from thieves. The Soliom App puts your front door at your fingertips. Since Soliom runs off of your home Wi-Fi, you’ll always have a secure connection from your smartphone to your Soliom anywhere with a network connection. The built-in microphone and speaker even provides you with direct communication to whoever’s at your doorsteps.

The motion sensor alerts you when someone approaches your door, it protects your home with live recording

If someone tries to rip the video doorbell from where it is, an alert will be sent to you in real time.The sturdy housing prevents Soliom doorbell from shattering. The anti-shatter housing improves the structural integrity of the doorbell, and it is unlikely to smash open with a hammer.


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