SmokeD Smart Fire Camera

About the product

- SmokeD detector is equipped with several sensors, microcomputer.

- Fast detection of fire.

- 24/7 continuous operation.

- Minimal number of false alerts.

- Precision of fire location.

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Cameras input is streamed to our algorithms, which automatically detect smoke and flames

SmokeD System is composed of our custom cameras and a software backed up by AI technologies. The system is designed in a way which makes it operational in many different areas.No need for expensive infrastructure. Camera can be easily installed on a roof, wall or chimney - the only condition is a good terrain visibility. The average wildfire detection time with SmokeD high definition (HD) cameras is 4.5 min using 2K or 4K resolution and images every 3-5 seconds.

No need to employ additional workers - you can install the camera all by yourself!

You can keep an eye on a live camera view on SmokeD website or in SmokeD Alerts App.Smoke can be detected from a distance up to 10 miles.Automatic notification about detected wildfires on your mobile.You might need standard switch PoE and RJ45 connector.The average wildfire detection time with SmokeD software is 10.5 min for all detected wildfires including low definition camera systems connected to the SmokeD software. 

Protect your home and community from wildfires with the SmokeD Smart Fire Detection Camera

Using software that works with artificial intelligence, the SmokeD camera lets you know about the occurrence of wildfires right away. With every minute, the surveillance system prepares 60 images, helping the AI learn to detect smoke. The SmokeD camera notices smoke on an image then pinpoints the location on the map using GPS. 

Once it has identified the exact location, it notifies SmokeD users through the app

After you receive the notification, you can verify whether what you see is dangerous. If over half the users confirm the warning, the detection center notifies the camera owners, emergency services, and the local community. Additionally, you can also share the information via social media, email or text. Furthermore, the SmokeD camera covers approximately 36 acres of video surveillance and detects smoke up to 10 miles.


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