Smart Plate TopView

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- SmartPlate recognizes over 1500 foods and meals.

- It also identifies and weighs multiple foods in a single snap.

- The SmartPlate App is loaded with over 700,000 easily scannable food products.

- The SmartPlate app features 625 national chain restaurant menus.

- Track macronutrients and micronutrients accurately and easily.

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SmartPlate TopView is the world's first Intelligent Wellbeing Platform that uses advanced photo recognition and AI technology to identify, weigh, and analyze everything you eat in mere seconds. Say goodbye to manual and imprecise calorie counting – say hello to SmartPlate TopView.

The world's first nutrition tracking device that recommends "better for you" plant-based and clean food products to help you reach your health goals faster.

Set custom health goals or use one of the many doctor approved dietary programs SmartPlate has to offer. From weight management to building energy and endurance, SmartPlate allows to to analyze and adjust meals accurately, easily and quickly.


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