Smartphone Screen Magnifier

About the product

- Compact size and lightweight - easy to carry.

- Enlarges your smartphone, reduces eye fatigue.

- Your smartphone is fixed and prevented from slipping and falling.

- Foldable design, small volume, easy to carry and on business trips.

- Lightweight yet durable, quick and easy set-up anywhere.

Best video reviews

An incredible novelty in the market of gadgets and accessories

With the popularity of smartphones, more and more people will use the mobile to watch movies, etc. While the small phone screen makes people feel very uncomfortable to watch for a long time. It also takes great damage to their eyes. Therefore, Smartphone Screen Magnifier  will help them avoid these problems. 

Small screen will turn into a display

Do you like to watch videos on your smartphone, chat on social networks and surf the Internet, but getting your tired due to  small screen? The UFT Stand for your smartphone can solve this problem. Your small screen will turn into a display, like a tablet.

Simple And Easy To Carry 

Lightweight and portable design. Super slim when folded and can be carried around in backpack, handbag, or suitcase easily. Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities, like camping, tourism, leisure and more.

Product Dimensions 

18.3 x 12.3 x 0.8 cm

Item Weight

85 g
Silicone, Acrylic, ABS Plastic
For smartphones
Screen magnification
 By 3 times


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Kids Gadgets

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Smart Garden

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Sport & Outdoor Gadgets