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- Is a device that stays on your bike at all times, there when you need it.

- It seamlessly connects to your phone and enhances your bike.

- Navigation using intuitive turn-by-turn signals with compass-style navigation.

- Ride safely with an automatic light that you can't forget to turn off.

- Rest easy knowing your bike is secured by a 110dB motion-triggered alarm.

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One minimalist interface. Infinite possibilities

SmartHalo’s circular interface has been designed to keep you focused on what matters: the road. Simple yet versatile, this luminous halo can guide you around, track your fitness goals and much more. Intuitive GPS Navigation to Get to Point B.

Once you select a destination in the app, SmartHalo will guide you to your destination using intuitive turn-by-turn signals or with compass-style navigation. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the handlebar.

Automatic Front Light to See and Be Seen

At night, SmartHalo's front light will turn on automatically when you start riding. As soon as you leave your bike behind, the front light will turn off automatically. You can also turn it on and off manually. Stay Healthy.

With Automatic Fitness

As soon as you start biking, SmartHalo will start tracking your time, distance, average speed and calories. No need to press stop at the end, because SmartHalo detects the end of your ride and stops monitoring. You can set goals and see them in real time directly on the device.

Improve Your Commute With The Assistant

Enhance your bike ride with call notifications, a visual clock and a bell. A mobile app defined by its simplicity. The objective behind SmartHalo’s iOS and Android free apps is to make it as simple as possible to let you ride. Our colour-coded interface let’s you control SmartHalo in as few taps as possible. It’s been called.

SmartHalo was born out of the interlacement of sophisticated technologies and elegant simplicity. It’s a device that provides advanced features without overwhelming cyclists who need to focus on the many stimuli of urban environments.

And Alarm System That Protects Your Bike

SmartHalo stays on your bike all the time. When you leave your bike, SmartHalo will make sure that any movement or vibration triggers a loud 110dB alarm. Keep bike thieves at bay.

SmartHalo and its companion app on your iPhone help you bike smarter with a minimalist interface that provides navigation, automatic lighting, an alarm, and fitness tracking. You can securely attach SmartHalo to any type of handlebar and then leave it in place to use any time you need it.


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